The battlefield system (or battlegrounds)is one of the game's core systems and an important game PVP interactive link. This system depends on the distribution of the game camp. In the battlefield, the battlefield play by the rules of the underlying portfolio, derived from more extensive battlefield gameplay.



At present, there are three basic types of battlefield gameplay rules, namely: competition for resources, FPS vehicles, bomb gameplay.

  • Competition for resources: Players must go to the enemy camp and reach the resource points.
  • FPS carrier: The objective is to destroy the enemy's carrier to earn points, while ensuring that the ally vehicles are not destroyed.
  • Bomb play: Players use bombs to destroy the hostile's statue, there is also the option to use a torch to burn the enemies camp as well as a fake bomb which consumes the enemies torches.

Conditions to enter the battlefieldEdit


Players apply to join the battle at the NPC, and must be level 20 or above in order to enter. The battlefield  is divided according to the player levels as 20-29,30-39 and 40 (take into account this is Chinese server close beta lv cap). Players can only enter their current level battle. There will also be a limit amount of people who can compete in the same battle.

Once the player is selected to enter the battle a pop up will appear asking for confirmation, in case the player doesn't answer within a minute their place will be abandoned and another player has the chance to take that spot.

The player can join the fight by themselves or as a team. In the last case the team leader must talk to the NPC in order to transfer all the party to the battlefield.

Unexpected exitsEdit

There are two situations in which the players will be force to leave. The first is when the player is abnormally kicked of the game and will be teleported out of the battlefield after 3 minutes. The second one is when the player is forced to leave the battlefield, in this case the player can reenter the area but only if it's within 15 minutes of leaving.


After the war players will receive honors awards. Forced to withdraw midway battlefield (abnormal exit) can not be rewarded. In addition to the fixed reward, there is an additional daily first win awards, collect 100 props and get a flying mount.