Race Yuton, Kosh
Specialization Melee Tank, Summoner and Controller
Weapon Two-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Maces
Armor Heavy Mail Armor
Traits Beastmaster has a strong constitution and powerful melee attack, which along with their ability to summon battle creatures to their assistance can make them formidable as a light tank with special crowd control abilities.
Instance Demand
PvE Strength
PvP Strength
Team Support

Hiding away in the thickets and forests of Erlandir, terrible creatures roam, stalking the weak and vulnerable. Powerful monsters, lightning fast beasts, and flying predators inhabit these untamed places. All fear these mighty creatures – all except for the Beastmasters. Only the strong, the brave, and those gifted with animal instinct may enter the ranks of the revered breeders and proud stablemen of the Erlandir Union.

The Beastmaster is a champion of nature, unleashing the harsh chill of the wilderness upon their unsuspecting enemies. Years of wrangling powerful animals have made them strong, and with the aid of Black Gold enhancements these brave huntsmen command the beasts themselves. With ferocious companions at their side, the Beastmasters march confidently into battle, for they face not enemies on the field, but prey ready for the slaughter.

In the early days of the Erlandir people, the ancient Aurek had a deep affinity for the beasts of the land. The first Beastmastery was not a profession, but rather a tribal ritual and integral way of life for the jungle-dwelling people. The young and brave would venture in to the jungles and forests filled with terrible beasts. These beings were transformed by Black Gold into violent, horrible monsters. The youths sought to rescue helpless animals and hunted these horrific mutants, as a sign of strength and to keep the evil gripping the wild at bay. 

Many a soul paid the ultimate price for this rite, and the Aurek became a strong but sparse people for it. It was not until the great Warnigel discovered the secrets of these beasts and learned to tame them that the profession of Beastmastery came to be. The early Beastmasters approached the horrifying abominations, and soon realized the pain of these misunderstood creatures. With the slow pacification and domestication of the enchanted animals, the Beastmasters learned to connect with these seemingly unapproachable beings, forming a symbiosis as the once dark forests began to heal and flourish.