The Black Gold Time system adds an additional source of economic catalyst by replacing the traditional cash shop.

Overview Edit

Save Times

The "save times" in Black Gold Online is built in a different angle: it measures and records your loot index in an hour and creates a slot. For player convenience, this will be saved automatically every hour. The game is able to store up to a number of saves at any given time. New saves will override the oldest, and follow the logic from there.

Upon creation, save files will last for 24 hours before they disappear.

Save files are purchased from in-game credits (bought from real-life money), however there will be two separate buttons: players can buy the save directly, or select "try your luck" to have a chance at reducing the credits required or even obtain loot without any cost.

Loot Index

The core idea of Black Gold Time is based on a "Loot Index", which determines the color of your save time. The loot index is measured by in-game actions you performed in that hour (completing missions, killing bosses, players or mobs). There will be three levels with escalating chance of acquiring better loot.

Vial of Time

When you acquire a save slot for free or by purchase, the save itself will materialize into an special item called the "Vial of Time" with its own inventory space.

The quality for each Vial of Time is determined by the time slot’s color (white, purple, gold).

The original design is to offer two free saves per 24 hour period, but the number may increase as beta and launch approaches.

Time Exchange

Players can also list these saves on the "Time Exchange", created specifically for trading vials of time for credits.

Choice Edit

With every vial creation, players will have two options on how to deal with their save:

  1. Receive for free or pay with credits and loot all the content within
  2. Traded on the Time Exchange for credits (normally acquired through real-life currency)

Notes Edit

  • This system aims only at paying for rare materials and high level equipments; basic materials and equipment can be looted immediately without purchase. Player progression in terms of experience and PvP rank for example, will remain even if you do not pay for the save.