The essence of this battleground is simple: the two factions of the world – the steam-powered west and magical east – meet in the middle, fighting for control of a steep mountain-top fortress called the Bloodfang Citadel.

Starting at opposing camps, players battle for control of bases along the mountain’s winding paths, represented by flags. Players can respawn after death at their controlled bases, in which friendly NPCs and personal carriers appear for use.


At the top of the key central mountain is the citadel, a towering spire with a really sinister look. The citadel itself is seated atop a reservoir of Black Gold crystals that channel energy up into the spire. Like everywhere in Montel, Black Gold equals power, so players have to battle for control of the top of the mountain.

Players start at either end of the map, and have to follow winding trails up the mountain – that is unless of course they pick an Aerial carrier. Once on the mountain, it’s a struggle for control of the narrow passes and the few crossroads as you try to capture strategically placed flags. The cliffs and hilly terrain make geography an important factor; players who control the heights may have a good shooting position, though can also get cornered with no way out but a Thelma and Louise style plunge.