In the black gold of the world, you definitely are not alone in the battle as one of the important characteristics of "black gold", with its colorful pet system attributes and pull the wind bunker shape occupies a very important weight. In the black gold of the world, you definitely are not alone in the battle!

There are two types of pets which you can adquire along the game:

Ornamental pets: No fighting ability, species diversity, they can always keep you company.

The world of ornamental pet broadly divided into three kinds: steam ornamental pets, fantasy ornamental pets, 

and both may carry the neutral ornamental pets. In addition to distinguishing camp on orn

amental pets, as well as on the quality difference. 

Quality from low to high are "white", "green", "blue", "purple", "orange" and "dark gold", different quality pet get varying degrees of difficulty, the higher the quality of ornamental pets The lower the probability of f

alling from a monster, and you need to kill a monster or boss have a high level of access. But relatively, the higher the quality the more ornamental pet shape pull the wind, and because of its rarity, a player can bring unparalleled feeling.

Combat pets:  Can help to fight, only to be summoned by specific occupational skills. They can sometimes play a crucial role in the game.

Pet skills:

Skill Type Launch conditions Remark
Passive Continously The duration of the skill increases with the interaction pet-owner.
Automatic According to the pet AI 

1) Effect changes with pet personality

2) The AI is diveded in: physical attack, method of attack, primal care, defense and reverse five. Each of them has their own trigger rate under different circunstances

Manual Trigger by the player Have longer cooling time and launch conditions are harsher. Not easily used.

Method of adquiring pets:

1) At lv 10 by following the carrer guidance tasks.

2) Capturing them (take into account the player must be less lv or equal lv in order to try it)

3) After you feed a pet an egg or other form of larvae will appear. This babies will depend on the pets experience to evolve and transform from ornamental pets to mounts or even fighting pets.

4) Buy them from npc.