In the crucible of antiquity, before the words of the living were laid down by voice or paper, there came forth a world of magic and mysticism. It was known by many names, but in the common tongue it came to be called Montel. The land was diverse and varied, with bountiful forests, craggy canyons, and arid deserts.

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Throughout the land, there appeared a mysterious material, possessing the natural power of the elemental forces. It came in many forms, and in later days of civilization was known as “Black Gold.”

Running down the spine of Montel, the Ellescadia Mountains form a near insurmountable range of snow-capped and thunderstorm-ridden peaks. This divide separated the lands of Montel, with Erlandir to the east and Isenhorst to the west.

In the East, Erlandir was gifted with a bounty of lush rain forests, beautiful savannahs, and plentiful resources. Life flourished, developing varied, biodiverse ecosystems. Running and weaving underneath the vast plenty were veins of magical, powerful energy crystals that came to be known as Black Gold.

To the West, Isenhorst formed a rugged terrain, inhospitable in many regions, with sand-strewn deserts surrounding jagged cliffs, towering mountains, and isolated oases. However, life found its way, and creatures filled the nooks and crannies of the harsh landscape. Hidden under the hills and mountains were precious materials and deep Black Gold deposits.

It was in this land that the various people came to be, and with them the power of Black Gold over their fates was revealed.

People of Erlandir Edit

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Fables tell of the first peoples to rise from the natural paradise of the Erlandir east. The various creatures grew in strength and consciousness, until 3 stood out as the first people: the Kosh, the Aurek, and the Yutonians.

Lokemean Dwarves Edit

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Legend has it that the first dwarves of the Lokemea were formed of pure Black Gold, cast in the unrelenting pressure under the mountains. Facing the harsh environment, the Gods gave the dwarves the gift of steam, in order to power their mechanized contraptions. For the industrial-minded Lokemeans, this story is dismissed as a wives’ tale.