Black Gold Online features a unique system of personal war carriers that allows players to roam the vast world of Montel swiftly, and armed to the teeth. Explore the far corners of the world by land and air, sweep through mobs of NPC monsters, and go toe-to-toe with your nemeses atop your armored ride.


In Black Gold Online, players are able to create and customize personal combat carriers for use throughout the world. Each of the two major alignments has their own type of rides.

  • Heroes from Kingdom of Isenhorst can manufacture Battle Vehicles – mechanized walkers, rollers, and flyers, each equipped with unique firepower and weaponry.
  • Champions of the Erlandir Union breed and train War Beasts – mythical creatures of powerful physical and magical potential, ranging from fast-footed attack beasts to high flying dragons.

Battle Vehicles and War Beasts can be used in Battlefields, during Energy Well battles, and in the open world. In a world with dangers around every corner and enemies growing bolder with each passing day, personal carriers can offer strength on the perilous road. When the enemy comes ready to fight, it’s best not to find oneself stranded on foot.


Players will need to acquire certain resources in order to build their mechanized vehicles or breed their enchanted beasts. These materials can be acquired by various means throughout the game.


Players will need to acquire Vehicle Tickets through Adventures, Quests, and other game features. Right clicking a Vehicle Ticket in your inventory will redeem it for vehicle points in your construction or evolving menu. Vehicle Points are needed to build, repair, and refuel your ride.


Badges are the basic units for building and breeding personal carriers. Each class of vehicle and beast has their own requirements for creating and upgrading. Acquire badges through quests, open world looting, and for purchase with Valor points.

Higher level Battle Vehicles and War Beasts may also require Black Gold to build. This resource may be hard to come by, so make your choices carefully.

Each ride can be upgraded or evolved in the Vehicle Customization interface, following different development paths with unique abilities and qualities. Each distinct branch requires the study of special documents, available for purchase at the Valor Quartermaster.


These vehicles and beasts can come in handy, but they don’t come without a cost. Players must take care of their personal carriers, as they suffer from lasting damage and fuel/fatigue limitations. A carrier that runs out of fuel in the heat of a fight is vulnerable for destruction, and destroyed carriers require a cool-down period before again being available. Wreck your carrier too many times and it will be lost – forever.


Each Alignment has 8 basic types of carriers, fitting in to 5 specific classes. These basic models can be upgraded over time, forming over 100 different carriers with unique combinations of armor, speed, and firepower.

The 5 classes of carriers are: Raid, Assault, Siege, Aerial, and Anti-air.

Icon Type Description Targets Weakness
Raid These carriers are the fastest in Montel, with light armor and relatively weak attack but high mobility. Their attack bonus is against NPCs and players on foot. 130707prmhsbiehhfisosm 130156etgjk0bkr0w0uud0
Assault These vehicles are medium- to heavy-strength carriers. Their characteristics vary, with different speeds, armor, and attack. Assault carriers have special attack bonuses against Anti-air, Siege, and Raid units. 130122n255b40shvk5qm2h 130541txxqufzgpu5iuu3n 130341zkcqhhh0ck4qsqg1 130707prmhsbiehhfisosm 130516et688tv5vrh16358 130718zlp6hl9zieqll8r4
Siege Heavily armored, slow moving carriers. Very strong close-range attacks, but Siege units are vulnerable at long range. Siege have an attack bonus against structures, such as defensive buildings and base Bosses. 130718zlp6hl9zieqll8r4 130156etgjk0bkr0w0uud0
Aerial Flying carriers, medium- to high- speed and maneuverability. Difficult to hit, making them formidable despite relatively light armor. Aerial units have an attack bonus against Assault carriers. 130156etgjk0bkr0w0uud0 130541txxqufzgpu5iuu3n
Anti-air Relatively lightly armored rides with very long range attack. The Anti-air carriers have the special ability to lock-on to targets and use attacks that track down a moving enemy. This ability coupled with an attack bonus against Aerial units makes the Anti-air deadly against flying vehicles and beasts. 130516et688tv5vrh16358 130156etgjk0bkr0w0uud0