Faction Erlandir Union
Allies Kosh, Aurek
Language Human, Common Tongue
Classes Elementalist, Demon Hunter, Alchemist, Pyromancer, Blademaster, Spellsword
Traits Capricious yet traditional, curious yet reserved

Yutonian are native humans to the mysterious land of Erlandir. They have a strong drive for knowledge and naturally curious. Yutonian rely on their instinct and judgement, rather than placing their trust in divine beings. Adapting themselves to the use of elemental force through Kosh and nature magic through the Aureks, Yutonian are able to fit a variety of roles on the battlefield.

The Yuton posses a balanced figure between 5’6 to 6’5 with sharp eyes and slender peripherals. Being forest and mountain roamers, Yutonians prefer to be lighter on foot with extensive use of leather armor.

History Edit

From the excerpts of The Hidden Flame:

The Fall of the Yutonian Dynasty Edit

After the slaughter of his army outside the White Marshes, Emperor Akan sent Mazir, a religious leader with a deep hatred for humanity, to watch over these humans, and ensure that no further crises arose. The Yutonian Dynasty was all but finished.

The human subjects of the Kosh succumbed to despair, their ruler to madness. Bitter and humiliated, Thurian, son of the Old King, withdrew from the public eye, and left major matters in the hands of his ministers. His people, desperate for leadership, found none.

Rumors arose of a strange religious movement in the Daybreak Hills: the Hidden Flame. It promised the weary humans lessons in dark magic, and told them to rebel against the Kosh.

The Kosh nobility in the region reacted swiftly to contain the fires of rebellion. Qolom, a powerful Kosh mage, arrived to oversee the search for the renegade religion and oversee the human monarch, much to Mazir's displeasure. And with him, he brought General Chakza.

The Revolution Edit


Chakza found an unexpected ally in Namian, the younger brother of the king. Sogia's child had grown into a quiet young man who was determined to improve the lives of his people. The human and the Kosh spoke often, and soon became friends. Chakza, secretly enraged by the treatment of the humans, convinced the prince that a coup was the only option.

King Namian's first act was to appoint and Chakza and Qolom to his cabinet, a grand gesture of his trust of his Kosh allies. Ignored and disgraced, Mazir returned to the capital.

The Forging of an Alliance Edit

The Yutonians thrived under Namian's benevolent rule. Alas, these times would not last. Without warning, the Upryian Vampires attacked, slaughtering Kosh and human alike, and seizing Black Gold to power their dark magic and fuel their machines. King Namian had no choice but to go to war against his former people, and his own brother.

The humans, Kosh, and Aureks fought side by side, and slowly forced the Upryian to retreat. The Kosh were forced to realize that without the “lesser races” they would have lost.

On that day, the Erlandir Union was forged.

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Black Gold Online Race Reveal The Yuton

Black Gold Online Race Reveal The Yuton